"Knowledge is power, but only when you apply it" - Kristen Poborsky

Daniel Marouf

Team player

Team player







About Me

My Story

I am from Budapest, Hungary. My mother is from Bulgaria and my father is from Syria. Both came to Hungary in 1990 to study. When I was born in 1996, they could not speak Hungarian fluently, so I had to learn the language and traditions of Hungary on my own. And until now I think what I learned the most is how to study new languages, technologies, and traditions by myself.

Bachelor years

Sept, 2014

Succesfully enrolled for computer engineer

The best university in the field of computer science in Hungary.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

May, 2018

Internship from the university

One in a lifetime opportunity from my supervisor as an appreciation for the work I have done in a course project.

High Speed Networks Laboratory

Sept, 2018

Full time job as a research fellow

After the internship, the university offered me a new role at the Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics.


Jan, 2019

Graduated as a computer engineer